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COSPX Beauty Academy

About us

COSPX Skin Beauty Academy helps professional beauticians​ or consumers who want to learn about skin care to understand the seemingly superficial but profound skin science through skin beauty education

SPXMIO (Bio-Jet) teaches operation and training courses in skin management, skin care consultation, cosmetic application,  beauty business management and more.

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Skin & Hair Care

Hair beauty related research court
Aiming at the relevant physiological mechanisms that affect hair and skin, cross-analyze skin and appearance, scalp and hair through physiology, nutrition, cytology, neurohormones, skeletal nervous system, cosmetics, pharmacology, health management, psychology, etc. Equal to application development in related fields.


COSPX Beauty Academy

Director of Education, Heidi Tung

Operated Mutiple Beauty Studios

Distinguished Consultant of Plastic Surgery (Designer of Preoperative and Postoperative Treatment Courses)

Dermatology clinic training medical cosmetologist full-time consultant

Medical beauty center management counseling design consultant

Advanced study at San Mateo College, California, USA

FPCSM teacher in San Francisco, USA

Lecturer of Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Preservation, a listed technology company in Hsinchu

Baiteng Technology - Biomedical DivisionDirector of Education

Education Director of COSPX Skin Beauty Academy


Our Vision

​Beauty can be different. Through understanding skin physiology, we can learn more about the mysteries and wonders of God’s creation.


Services service content

Store Operations/Brand Image/Globalization/Talent Training and Advancement/Enterprise Development/Partners/New Knowledge of Beauty Technology/Cosmetic Planning/Collection and Design of Beauty Courses

Business Consultant 

Classes class classification


Beginner class

​for general public


Nurturing class

​ beautician / nurse / trainee


Beginner class

​for general public




Beauty industry / Entrepreneur youth


Advanced class

​ beautician / nurse / trainee


Hair beauty course

​ for male hair

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