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​ 極洸音速槍ExSonic Bio-Jet



極洸音速槍 (ExSonic Bio-Jet)



​About COSPX

COSPX is the beautiful meeting of Cosmetology and Space technology

When beauty and aerospace technology meet, COSPX was born!

We provide beauty enjoyment with no wounds and no repair period.

No Pain much gain

Innovative technology equipment, with a complete skin management beauty training and education system

​provided by: Cosmetics company/beauty industry   personal professional skin care planning service

​SPXMIO Bio-Jet  Introduction

SPXMIO Technology
​SPXMIO Technical Advantages
Serum & Essence
  • The world's first, exclusive patented technology

  • Create unlimited business opportunities for cooperative stores

  • Non-intrusive design. Passed CE and Ministry of Health and Welfare "non-medical equipment" double certification.

  • Originally designed and manufactured by Baiteng Technology. 100% MIT

  • Headquarters professional skin beauty training. All certifications are issued with certificates.

  • No anesthetic is required. Completely non-invasive and painless. no repair period

  • ​Combined with the original "Reverse Age Essence Combination" to activate SPXMIO (Bio-Jet) repair code.

  • Supersonic atomization imported patented technology from aerospace turbine engine structure

  • Obtained the "non-medical equipment" certification from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and can be used by beauticians and individuals 

  • Innovative needle-free technology: low-pressure activation, nano-atomization into the deep layer of the skin.

  • It is painless, non-invasive, does not hurt the skin, and does not require any recovery period.

  • low noise. And according to different dosage forms, the delivery amount and delivery target can be precisely controlled.

  • Suitable for any skin type and any part

  • Skin absorbs immediately. Spread quickly horizontally and feel immediately.

  • ​Easy to operate and easy to carry

In order to optimize the essence input effect of the axial flow molecular atomizer, Baiteng Technology has combined several domestic cosmetics manufacturers and well-known listed GMP companies to jointly develop a series of essences exclusively for this atomizer. . (for delivery only, not for painting)


special reminder:

​Because the low-quality essence that has not been certified by the original factory will seriously endanger the health of users, therefore, consumers must confirm whether it is Baiteng before using the axial flow molecular nebulizer. Produced by the original technology factory.

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